jacob selander


All photos I have on this site are available for for purchase as either prints, matted/ framed prints, or high-resolution jpeg files.

Cost for jpeg files (custom sizes and resolution per order):

$40 per image, available via private DropBox folder

Sizes/ cost for prints (matted and framed):

8 x 10″:  $30 ($60)

8 x 12″:  $40 ($75)

12x 18″:  $60 ($125)

12 x 24″:  $75 ($200)

12×36″:  $75 ($100*)

*12×36″ panoramas framed only, not matted

Shipping not included; Payment through PayPal.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for printing, framing, packaging and delivery.  When you order I’ll get back to you with a shipping cost (varies).

*Other print sizes available, please contact me for custom orders.

Click HERE for examples of matted/ framed prints.


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