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Contained on this page are descriptions of the galleries with photos available for purchase to support the Purple Frames Project and Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Please click on the gallery title to view the photos- it’s turning out that there are too many to keep on just one page!

Prints can be ordered as framed and matted  in 8 x 12″, 12 x 18″, or custom sizes, with 75% of the proceeds being donated.

I will be continually updating this page and the Purple Frames blog (link HERE when it’s up and running) with photos, stories, etc.

For ordering prints, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and include the names of the prints (the caption for each image in the gallery) you are interested in.

These photos (and others) are also posted to my 500px website, link here: https://500px.com/jaselander (opens in a new tab).

Gallery #1: Minnesota/ Lake Superior

May 2016: Dad/ Gregg grew up in St. Paul, and spent time with his family and Mom exploring the shores of Lake Superior. Even though these weren’t specifics on Dad’s list, considering I ended up in Duluth for a year of teaching at the University of Minnesota I thought this would be the perfect place to start.

Gallery #2: California- Pacific coastline

June 2016: The Pacific Ocean was (is) always a special place for Dad. Throughout his final months, we made sure he got out to the ocean before surgeries, during recovery, and many points during chemotherapy. He believed that a person’s life was like a wave- even when the wave crashes on the shore and ends, the energy and water are still there…

The Pacific gallery are photos along the central California coastline between San Luis Obispo and Monterey, and to the north along the Sonoma Coastline- places Dad and Mom (along with me I think… might have been a bit young) frequented during their time in California.

Gallery #3: California- Mountains

Gallery #4: Oregon- Columbia River Gorge

July 2016: I remember when the family first moved to Oregon in the late 1980s, and my first thought was “it’s so green!”

Not sure if Dad had planned specifically to move somewhere with endless outdoor opportunities, but regardless we spent may days exploring the waterfalls and mossy fern-lined canyons of the Columbia River Gorge as a family.


Cost (not including shipping, please contact me for information):

8 x 12″ prints- $100

12 x 18″ prints- $200

12 x 24″ prints- Please contact me.

Payments through PayPal only.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for orders, each one is printed/ matted/ framed individually.

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