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Greetings, and welcome to my little space on the interwebs!

There are a couple parts to this website (also links to these pages above)-

PURPLE FRAMES PROJECT- A fundraiser for pancreatic cancer research and outreach

ACADEMIA- What’s going on in my academic world, teaching interests and research

PHOTOGRAPHY-  I like taking pictures, and some are even worthy of sharing.  Here’s a collection of landscape and geology photos I’ve taken over the years, and links to download or purchase images.

Click HERE to see the Lake Superior Ice photos/ video collection from January- February 2016

GEOLOGY DESKTOPS- Every so often I’ll post geology pictures/ landscapes for people to download and use as their desktop background (opens a new window/ tab).

ABOUT/ CONTACT-  Little bit of information, and how to get in touch with me

OUTSIDE ACADEMIA- Other fun things that I do.

Thanks for visiting!