jacob selander

Greetings, and welcome to my small corner of the interwebs! I am a geologist, science educator, photographer, and kayaker. I’ve always been in love with processes that shape the Earth’s surface, and happy to have found a niche that allows me to share this passion through geoscience education, images, and (literal) immersion in what I study.

I have devoted the parts of this site to my various interests and academics, please explore with the links below or at the top of this page.

Note: This site is a continuous work in progress, keep checking back for updates/ new photos/ stories/ etc.

GEOLOGY- Information on my career as a geologist, geoscience education, and science communication

LANDSCAPE AND GEOLOGIC PHOTOGRAPHY– I generally never travel without a camera, and sometimes the photos even turn out well! And some of those are worthy of sharing! Here is a collection of landscape and geology photos I’ve taken over the past decade or so, along with how to contact me to download or purchase images.

KAYAKING- I started playing around in rivers using silly plastic toys when I was a teenager, which quickly turned into a life-altering addiction to the water. I still paddle a fair bit these days, but not quite the 250+ days per year I used to. Here are photos, videos, and miscellaneous stories from kayaking and racing around the Pacific Northwest.

ABOUT/ CONTACT INFO- Some information, and how to get in touch

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