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#FunFactFriday Washington Geology Posts

Photograph looking south towards the Glacier Peak wilderness in the North Cascades. Glacier-covered mountains are present in the background, and a large U-shaped valley in the foreground.
Glacier Peak Wilderness in the North Cascades

Fun bits of information about Washington’s geology

I originally started these posts in the Washington Hikers and Climbers Facebook group in response to a few other geology-curious/ adjacent posts. But why not share them here as well?

Every few weeks (and on Fridays) I’ll post another bit of information about Washington’s geology and geologic history- and where to go explore to experience the rocks and landscapes for yourself!

Latest Posts

#FunFactFriday – Land of Fire and Ice (Part 2)

And back to another classic Washington locale- the North Cascades as viewed from the top of Maple Pass! Geologically, the North Cascades are divided up into three provinces, or domains (depending on which term you’d rather use). The Western Domain (west of Marblemount) is a mix of accreted rocks, primarily sedimentary and metamorphosed sedimentary and…

#FunFactFriday- Land of Fire and Ice (Part 1)

Apologies (ish, not really) for the kind-of Game of Thrones reference, but it just works so well! Many of the iconic landscapes in Washington were formed by fire (e.g. volcanoes and other processes associated with molten rock), and then shaped by ice- in the form of glaciers! Glaciers are essentially giant masses of ice that…

#FunFactFriday- Come Visit Exotic Washington! (Part 3)

Ah, the San Juan Islands. And just like much of the Pacific Northwest, the rocks that form the San Juans are exotic! Again, we as geologists use the term “exotic” to describe rocks that formed somewhere else on the planet, and then were transported to their current location by various plate tectonic processes. A great…


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