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I discovered the geosciences when (on a whim) I took an intro geology course at Portland Community College, and very quickly figured out that this was a science I wanted to pursue. This led to a few more years of school; undergraduate at the University of Oregon, M.S. at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Ph.D. at University of California Davis; and at present a teaching position at Highline College in Washington State.

My present emphasis in geology is on Geoscience education and science literacy. Geology is ubiquitously relevant to everyone, yet not enough of us think about the impacts the geosciences have on our everyday lives. My teaching focus is on Introductory Geology/ Earth Systems, Geologic Hazards, Earth Surface Processes, Oceanography, and Structural Geology. 

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Gratuitous field photo- getting excited about “small”-scale structures with 100% exposure in the Mojave Desert, California:

mojave mapping


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