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Seventy48- Tacoma to Port Townsend:

Please visit this page to check out my training/ preparation for the inaugural Seventy48 race- Human power through the Puget Sound from Tacoma to Port Townsend, WA. Seventy miles, and a 48- hour cutoff. Sounds fun, right?

Kayaking background:

Short bit here- I started whitewater kayaking back when I was a wee junior in high school. Without this immersion (pun intended) in the natural world and rivers, I never would have found my love for geology.

I became very serious about paddling during my undergraduate years, traveling around the U.S. and competing in freestyle events. Eventually earning a spot on the U.S. National Freestyle Kayak team, I competed in the World Freestyle Championships in 2003- hosted in Graz, Austria. For the last few years and shoulder injuries, I’ve moved away from freestyle kayaking and found a new love for slalom and surfski paddling.

Slalom kayaking is fast, technical, difficult, and FUN! Been competing in a few local/ west coast races and teaching clinics from time to time, always loads of fun.  Looking forward to more races in the future!

Flatwater training in the surfski; Slalom racing on the Clackamas River, OR

Surfski paddling is another beast entirely. Long skinny boats, but super fast and amazingly fun and rewarding with practice and time in the boat. Almost the perfect craft for living by the Puget Sound and being able to paddle in different conditions year-round.

Living in the Pacific Northwest provides almost endless opportunities to get out on the water, please keep checking back in as I update this site with racing/ training stories. For some fun eye-candy, click HERE to visit my Vimeo channel for kayaking and other fun videos. (Opens a new tab)


I decided it might be fun to build a kayak ergometer the year I lived in Minnesota and all the water froze solid for a few months- click above or HERE to see what/ how I did that.




  1. HI. Love reading about your adventures. Having discovered kayaking at the “young” age of 76, I am so envious of your escapades! However, at 80, I am still paddling and loving it! hope to hear more about you.

  2. You are so inspiring! I love reading your articles! I am into boating for almost 15 years but have learnt about kayaking only few years ago. I am sure I could never paddling but this sport is so interesting and wonderful. Thank you for your articles!

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